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Mallas 380M tf2 Fast diana DS azul


Utiliza un avanzado tejido hidrofóbico que utiliza un determinadio tratamiento con nano partículas de cerámica. El uso de este tratamiento reduce la fricción en un 9% comparado con el plasma-te en que se ha utilizado en los últimos años en la natación.Mayor dureza y reistencia de la tela.

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For the rst time in swimming, the Diana Submarine TF2 exploits an advanced hydrophobic fabric with a particular treatment made with nano-ceramic particles. The use of this treatment reduces the associated friction by 9% compared
to plasma te on that has been used in recent years in the evolution of swimwear. Furthermore, these nano-particles provide an increased hardness and strength to the fabric which extends its life and performance over time. The fabric of TF2, continues the lightweight trend of swimwear (125 gr / m), that has been realized by increasing the surface roughness, as recent studies have proved that in this manner, the scrolling of the water droplets is improved. The TF2 is assembled with advanced systems for heat sealing (elastic bonding tape) with different strains depending on the area of the costume. The result is the creation of a system that allows extensive control of the center of gravity during the swim,maximum compression, a great t and above all, freedom of movement because the “internal taping” eliminates the annoyance procured from normal seams. Special heat-sealing in the areasof the quadriceps and hamstrings provide high muscle compression. The terminal parts of the costume have been made of elastic polyurethane which provide an excellent grip without irritating the muscle of the athlete.

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